Event: International Canada Cup of Submission Wrestling
Date: June 11th, 2005(tournament) and June 12th, 2005(Frank Trigg seminar)

Venue: Carling Heights Community Centre, 650 Elizabeth Street, London, Ontario.

Divisions: Beginners, Intermediate, and Championship (Advanced). For both male and female.

ADCC rules apply. (No Gi only).

Entry fee: $50.00 Canadian for the tournament if the competitors want to attend the Frank Trigg seminar both will cost $100.00.

Any ADCC North American competitors will not be charged entry fee for the tourny.

Weight Classes: 55kgs(121lbs), 60kgs(132lbs), 66kgs(145.5lbs), 74kgs(163lbs), 84kgs(185lbs), 96kgs(211.5), 120kgs(264.5lbs).

Weigh-ins the night before for local competitors, and again the day of the event in the morning. We are also trying to set up a night before weigh-in at a location in Toronto.

Medals for the top finishers (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). The first place finisher will be able to attend the Trigg seminar at no cost(non-transferable).

The folks from Ontario Wrestling will be handling the brackets for a smooth double elimination event.

Check web sites and back here for more info as it comes available.