Interview The Rush St-Pierre ( is proud to offer you an interview with Georges St-Pierre as new year gift. This interview was released a few days before new year's eve. You can find it in the menu, by searching for the "Entrevue" section, "Décembre", and looking for Georges St-Pierre. The interview is presented on this page accompanied with the introduction song that Georges St-Pierre has used for its presentation at UFC 50 against Matt Hugues. At this time, all the interviews remain in french only, but in the near future, I hope to be able to present it to you in both languages. The Fanatic.

Great interview! It's good to hear that St.Pierre gave Hughes the toughest 1st round in his career. St.Pierre is only going to get better after that fight, and he's still young so there's a lot of time to gain experience and improve.

St Peezy is breezy fo' sneezy!