Interview: TJ Waldburger - UFC's Newest Texan

TJ Waldburger - The UFC's Newest Texan

R. Scott Reis recently interviewed the UFC's newest signee out of Texas, TJ Waldburger, who'll be competing at the upcoming UFC Fight Night in Austin, TX.

TJ competes out of Grappler's Lair in Belton, TX and talked to Scott a bit about his road to where he is now, training, and working/training with the Army Combatives team at Fort Hood. Give it a look.

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 Good stuff.  

Best of Luck


I've seen TJ fight a few times locally, and I always thought he would be up with the big boys eventually. Good to hear!

ttt for tj and he whole entire lair. John Moore is a great trainer and person. i trained their while stationed at ft hood, they treat their students as family...I knew tj since he was 16, a little about him, he turned pro just after 1 ammy fight cause texas for a bit did away with ammy's and this kid took on the world at 17. In inspiration and a great kid. War TJ and the Lair. David