Interview w Tra Telligman

Q: It’s been over a year now since you fought Pedro Rizzo at UFC 43. Where have you been?

Tra Telligman: I tore my groin in the Rizzo fight, so I had to take a few months off to deal with that. People talk about the ring rust and stuff like that, but although I haven’t had any professional fights this year, I have been doing a lot of real hard sparring with some really good pros. So because of that, I don’t think I’m going to have any ring rust. I think people are going to be shocked that, not only am I as good as I was last year, I’ve improved since last year.

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great interview

great interview, comes across as a cool guy

sweet interview!...thanks...i'll be rooting for tra!

great interview tre. also thanks for posting this!

Great interview. Thanks.

It's refreshing to have a fighter not talk trash about their opponent.

great interview.. thanks

i like tra..

good interview, Tra's a cool cat.

tre is the coolest... word of advice though, dont get your picture taken next to him unless youve been eating your wheaties, im 6'1 210 and i look like a total pee wee next to him

tra always brings it, win or lose-I think that this could very well be the best fight of the night and really can't pick a winner either.

Is it possible to go from 205 weigh in to 220 at fight time? I know Tito usually looks alot bigger during the fight than weigh ins, but not 15 lbs. more.

Anyways, Tra is the man.. didnt he have a brief pro boxing career? I wonder how that went?

damn, that must have taken it's toll.

Who is he going to be fighting now Marsh is out?

his first 2 fights are KO by 1... you dont mention he won the next 4

I would say Tra's boxing record is actually pretty respectable for a MMA guy.

Curiously one of his opponents fought both Tra and Guy Mezger.