Interview with John Wayne Parr

Interview with the Gunslinger John Wayne Parr

by Ed Ouble, Team Staff Writer, photos courtesy of

  • Ed Ouble/Team Sawa dee, John and thanks for taking a time to talk to our readers at So what's new these days in the land down under?

  • John Wayne Parr: Things are pretty busy, I have just relocated my gym a very nice complex, we will have a full size ring built in the next few weeks and a big open floor space and ten bags. For now just trying to get my student numbers up in between my training.

  • How are Angela and the baby?

Angie has two fights booked this year in May and June and she is excited to get back in the ring after her loss to Germaine. Jasmine has just turned three so I am no longer the boss in my own home.

  • On March 12 2006, in London, you are facing UK champ Steve Wakeling for the WBC middleweight title. Can you tell us our readers a little about your prep, thoughts of your opponent, and fighting him on his home turf?

I have never fought in the UK before and excited to be fighting one of their champions. Steve has been making his name in Thailand and after winning the S-1 has proven he is a A-class fighter. I have been training very hard for the fight as I know this will be a very difficult fight, I really want to bring back the belt home back to Australia.

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