introducing someone to BJJ

i've been training about a year. i moved to a city for
work and there's no BJJ in the area. there's a good
judo club, but it's not the same, obviously.

a friend has expressed interest in BJJ and says he
wants to get into it. not judo, just BJJ. he has no
background in any kind of grappling. how to introduce
him to it?

Just go to the judo club IMHO.I think you will get more out of that than 1 on 1 with a beginner.

Show him the Gracie in Action DVD's. Then teach him how to grapple

just roll with him.

i've been a member of the judo club previously. their throwing skills are awesome and they do a lot of randori, but the newaza just isn't as detailed. i'll probably sign up again soon, for judo is very cool. but it's simply not the same.

plus i really want to get my friend involved. it feels like i'm the only person in the whole city with any interest in BJJ.

i don't have any DVDs and am completely unqualified to teach anybody squat about grappling. however, i do have a 10X10 mat space in the basement.

can someone come up with a lesson plan or something? i wouldn't even know where to start.

i have that "Theory & Technique" book by Renzo & Royler, but i think it's a complete mess in terms of organization and i don't believe it would help much.

I've used this on raw beginners to introduce them to BJJ:

  1. Talk shortly about what BJJ is (training against resistance, worked well in UFC, subs on the ground, etc.).

  2. Rear naked choke.

  3. Double leg takedown, finishing with simply pushing forwards with the shoulder in the stomach to make your opponent fall backwards.

  4. Spinning armbar from the mount when the bottom guy pushes on the top guy's chest.

  5. Keylock from the mount.

  6. Upa escape from the mount.

  7. Triangle choke from the guard. (Everyone usually thinks it's pretty cool.)

Maybe this thread will help you:



What club did you train at? maybe you should bring your friend to check it out, he might like it once he sees it.

Get BJJ 101 volume 1 (on DVD or VHS) and volume 2 (VHS only)

That will give you guys something to work on for the next couple of years together for BJJ, and you can sign up for Judo again on the side. 

Gambler: Furukawa Club in Windsor, Ont. they're great people. Lou Furukawa did a lot for martial arts in the area. but my friend's not interested in judo. i think he's put off by the ukemi.

thanks for all the input, i'll give it a shot.

Weird coincidence but I also train at Furukawa.
how long ago did you train? Louis has been in California for a couple of years. what is your name? maybe I remember you. the curriculum is allot different now. the club has a pretty good split 50/50 standing and ground. we also do no-gi 3 days a week. those classes consist of lots of grappling drills lots of pad work and lots of sparring. Pretty good group of guys too, guys coming in from different styles to cross train. If your friend is not interested in the judo then the other class may interest him. but you should check it out anyway, you might like the changes.

Gambler: i trained back in 2000. i'm a short stocky Chinese guy. Furukawa does no-gi now? that's incredible. is Marcel still around? i didn't realize the club had changed so much. i definitely want to sign up, even though i am out of shape these days. i bet i can convince my friend too. what is the schedule & rates? hey, are you sempai Mike?

are there other places to train grappling in Windsor? i heard they do some at Kihon Karate. do you know what that's like?

Don't you just love happy endings? :)

Man this is really weird. yeah I'm Mike. Marcell is still around I teach the no-gi and the adults judo along with another guy named Brad
We workout every day except sunday and monday.
tue:7:00-8:45 (judo)
wed:7:00-8:30 (no-gi)
thur:7:00-8:45 (judo)
fri:6:00-7:30 (no-gi)
sat:11:30-1:00 (no-gi)
sat:1:30-3:00 (judo)
This week the classes are going to be small. alot of guys are out of town or have work comitments but if you want to swing by your perfectly welcome. on the other hand, if you want to check out a class, next week would be better. This week the guys that are coming are just doing lots of fighting.
Come by the club and check us out. As far as other places to train grappling, I think every karate club in windsor has some grappling in there program, but we are training 6 times a week. I don't think anyone else is doing that. as far as judo, the kayahara in lasalle trains 4 days a week and they also have alot of good Judo coaches. If it is more convenient you should check them out. Swing by any time with your friend, we are still on howard and eugenie in the units behind the big roma tile building. Whats your name. I wanna say Steve but I'm not so sure.

Agree with Adam, the Roy Harris vid's are great for basic JJ curriculum

I would show him the most basic techniques (like basic pins, submissions, escapes, sweeps and guard passes)and before that give him the most basic outline of what Bjj is and how it can be applied.

I think you should keep in mind your friends needs as well as goals and more importantly his mental and physical abilities. It doesn't make sense and utlimately would be a waste of time to show and teach him things he won't really use.

If you friend doesn't inspire to have an amateur or professional competitive career then I wouldn't waste your (or his) time showing him moves and the like that are only useful in that context.

This is true not only for Bjj but also any other martial art. I think you always have to keep certain things in mind like a persons goals and needs because time is such a precious thing and once it is lost you can't get it back. The last thing you want to do is "waste" your time.

Gambler: thanks much for all the info! my name is Dalson. i'll talk to my friend Jeff about coming by next week. incidentally, i'm probably going to watch the Canadian Grappling Open in Hamilton next Sunday. if you know of anyone in the area who'd like to share a ride, please feel free to give my number 971-6381.

m.g.: i think he just wants to smoke the other members of his band when they play wrestle. he's the smallest in the band and he heard BJJ was the best thing for little guys. but i've only been training a year and haven't hit a mat in months, so i'm totally unqualified to teach him anything. i'm just going to convince him to join the judo club with me, i even have an extra gi for him.

There are a couple of guys from the club that are going up to compete. I can't say for sure if there is room but I'll pass the idea along. I will be in montreal, a friend of mine is fighting in the TKO event and I'm going to watch. Good to know you are still training Dalson. Hopefully you and your friend can make it out to the club next week.