inverted heel hook injury

hey, i had some idiot slap on an inverted heel hook real fast and hear something in my knee pop. i could barely walk on it the next day but i could run a week later. i still have pain in my knee on the inner part and i cant do a quad stretch. anyone know what i might have done or what i should do?

i don't know much but you got tendons and ligaments all in your knee so its easy to mess one it swollen? you have ROM?(range of motion) can you put your leg streight out and bend it back without assistance?

lmao. same shit happened to me. I beleive it's a sprain, but shit I ain't no doc

Get it checked out. I had a torn ACL for several years, didn't even realize it until the meniscus tore too.

If you tore an important ligament, you will know it, as your knee will feel unstable when you do stuff like try to sprint or cut side to side. Other things it could be: minor meniscus tear (usually involves a lot of swelling) or a sprain (will resolve itself in a month or so). Sounds like a sprain or very minor tear, since you didn't list any other problems like swelling or impaired movement. I had that same thing. My knee hurt on the inside, and it hurt to do some moves, like scissor sweep when the other guy sprawls on it. It should get better on its own in a month or so.

Ron Mexico is correct. In Judo in 1995 I went for a osoto-gari and ended falling sideways against my knee. My knee turned black n blue immediately and It took me 5 minutes to stand on it.

I never did anything about it , but when I started BJJ the following year I noticed my knee felt unstable when moving side to side.I bought a real tight asics gel kneebrace and wore it any time I sparred or randori. It helped alot by making my knee stable.

But 12 years later if I do sprints my one knee still feels like it's just floating there and not tight at all.

Ive got this one.

Its a tear in ur MCL (their are 4 grades of tears) depending on the severity
it could take up to 2 months...however the good news is that they rarely
require surgery...just ice it and be careful.

: )


Medial Meniscus

Jason and/orCharles, have you ever torn an acl, and if so, how did that feel at the time? Obviously not good, but wondering about location of pain etc.

thanks for the info

Go to a doctor.

as the billing contact for (edit-sic) the licensed physician shop here which is the ug, your total comes to $599.00 for the diagnosis.

Anytime you hear a "pop", it's a very bad thing.