Invicta signs the Happy Warrior. Congrats Roxy!

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Invicta FC Welcomes Las Vegas via Japan Fighter Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi- 125lbs (TUF Alumni)

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Congrats on signing with them, Roxie! Can't wait to see you back in the cage!


Such an amazing human being. I hope she has better luck there.

Finally, some good MMA news. Congrats Roxie! One of the truly good people on this planet.

I came here to see if there was a thread after seeing it on Facebook. Yay Roxie! Phone Post 3.0

Glad she went back to her 125 division. 

I'd also never seen you in makeup and without your glasses before, Roxie.

You've definitely got it GOIN' ON in this pic!  :) 

Yea. Rocky looking good in that picture. I feel comfortable that I'm not being sexist today with all the comments I've made about Machida's hair. Phone Post 3.0

Congratulations Roxy!

Wow, beautiful pic.

I rarely make such a comment, but Roxy looks astonishing in this photograph. Congratulations to her.

Congrats Roxy!

Yay!! Phone Post 3.0

Glad to hear it :)
Best of luck to roxy Phone Post 3.0

Good luck ROX! Phone Post 3.0

Hot. Looking like Selma Blair.

Just remember to let go of the sub attempt next time someone has you lifted over their head Roxy.

Congrats Roxanne! You will do great! My son is so shy around you, but Thank you so, so much for always making time to meet with us. 

I recently met with Roxanne and purchased 2 of her books. I havent had the time to read it yet. From what I hear is its great. Hit her up on Twitter for that.

But Roxanne- Really. You lift Joeys spirits while he is in a tough war with his health, eventually he will open up.

Hope to see you soon.

Stay cool! Good luck and train your ass off!!


Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing you back in the cage!

How do u guys think she will do in the Invicta 125lb division?
The champ Barb Honchak is a very smart technical fighter
#1 Contender Vanessa Porto is a killer
then you have Zoila Gurgel, Jennifer Maia, Leslie Smith etc.
She wont have any easy fights that fo sure.

She will have her hands full with any of those girls above but at least she is in her right weight division now

WAR Rox!!!