IRAN Wrestlers--MMA?

some of these guys are monsters!! Phone Post 3.0

... Phone Post 3.0

Dehgani is in talks to purchase the UFC with the assistance of the Ayatollah. All UFC events will be hosted in Tehran and broadcast exclusively in Farsi. You western devils better recognize. Phone Post 3.0

Luckily for the Persian fighters, Saffron isn't on USADA's banned substance list. Most of them, especially the wrestlers, do a fat line before they go out to compete. Phone Post 3.0

Iron Sheik would have OWNED back in the day.

In to tell story about putting an Iranian wrestler in a GI and white belt back in the 90s in a very local BJJ tournament.

IRRC the Iranian may have been a world champion.

A Rolls Gracie black belt after seeing the Iranian wrestler in his first match or so came up to us and basically asked " ok who is this guy?"

I will think for a few minutes and recall a few more details, this was many years ago and I have not thought about nor talked about these events in many years.

I'm not sure how much you can take from those photos, but from their results at world level events, Iran has cemented itself as the clear #2 in the world, and even the occasional #1 finish. For reference, USA is not in the top 5

Iran has had several high profile PED failures by their guys and it's stigma they currently carry (Russian PED scandal may smear their wrestlers as well).

That said, Iran should be able to produce some real world beaters in MMA, provided they have the training going on over there. They certainly have the athletes and they absolutely are monsters.