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Got this from their email:

The summer holidays period is over for Mike Zambidis who filled up his batteries for the very demanding period that will follow until the end of 2009.

Iron Mike has already started his preparation for the great fights he will have the months to come. The start will be on the 26th of October for the superfight at K-1 MAX finals against Hinata, the rising fighter of Japanese who have great expectations from him. Another exciting fight will follow at Melbourne against Dzabar Askerov, on the 20th of November for the event War of the Worlds. The well known Russian fighter has K-1 experience, reached the semi-finals of Contender Asia and the fight is expected to be a war, since both athletes have very offensive and spectacular style. Finally, there are discussions for a third great fight against a well known fighter in Athens, at the end of December.

The Greek Champion will have on his side the well known and important kick boxing instructor George Mallios, after the signed a well paid contract for the following years. This will be the 3rd time that Zambidis and Mallios will march together, after their previous successful co operations with many knock outs and impressive victories at the past.

Outside the fighting news, our Champion is preparing to operate his first school “Zambidis Club” in autumn at Vouliagmenis Avenue, Glyfada. At the special shaped and equipped place of 500 s.m., all the fans of dynamic sports like kickboxing K-1, boxing, MMA will be able to get the insights from Iron Mike and his specially selected associates. There will also be tae-bo classes.

“Zambidis Club” will soon operate also at Agia Paraskevi (Doukisis Plakentias) at a spot that will satisfy the training needs of the citizens of the northern district of Attica.

On Sunday the 6th of September, at 13.00 local time (Greece) Iron Mike will be on line in order to discuss live with you all the latest news at

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For those of you who don't know who Mike Zambidis is:

ttt love watching him fight

He is my favorite kickboxer

Zambidis is a fucking animal. I love that dude.

Love Zambidis.  Pride of Greece.

Iron Mike rocks. Cant wait to see him back in Oz.

 Awsome i cant wait to see him fight again

Vs Askerov on EVO Melbourne sounds awesome. Askerov hits just as hard from what I have seen. Must watch fight IMO.


 I thought for sec this was breaking Mike Katsidis news....  on  Mayweather Undercard.... :( 


 How would he do in MMA?  Has he ever expressed an interest in making the switch?