is 147 on tv or ppv?


Ppv for some reason Phone Post

RamsAllDay - Ppv for some reason Phone Post
. Phone Post

really? i looked at that card and was like "no way this is a ppv"

how many buys do you think it will do? i bet under 100k in the US

50k Phone Post

OK, so 149 is DEFINITELY not a PPV, right???

 it is a ppv


man, zuffa has some serious balls to charge for that


Bantamweight United States Urijah Faber vs Brazil Renan Barao
Middleweight Cuba Hector Lombard vs United States Tim Boetsch
Heavyweight France Cheick Kongo vs United States Shawn Jordan
Welterweight United States Brian Ebersole vs United States James Head
Welterweight Canada Chris Clements vs United States Matt Riddle

happy to see Ebersole fight tho

but seriously, that's a FX card