Is a WAND x RAMPAGE REMATCH the biggest MMA fight?

 IMO, yes.

This is one of those tough situations where I would love to see Wand get one more win and rematch Rampage for the belt, providing he gets by Forrest.  I think Machida and Rashad are both very tough fights for him stylistically, and although I want the best fighters to advance I would absolutely hate to eliminate the chances for this epic rematch.

The fight is so much more interesting now, taking into account their careers since they fought and the fact that this time it's for a unified LHW title.

Please provide your thoughts on the rematch and ideas for Wand's next opponent.


^^^ Agreed, but Wand definatly has to win at least one more, its a tough sititution, there are a few guys who might deserve title fight, obviously Machida, even Chack if he wins one more, but yeah everyone would love to see Rampage/Wand III especially in the cage, where Rampage could bully Wand into the fence

I both love and hate watching Rampage and wand fight. They are two of my favorite fighters and they put on epic battles, but I hate to see either lose.

If the UFC wants to make the best fight possible though, Wand vs Rampage is probably their best bet. Pure violence and excitement.

Its also one of the only re re matches where one guy won both fights, but the third meeting between the two is warranted.

Sandy vs. smac 2.0 for the chance to be Crooklyn's baby daddy is the biggest MMA match in history - FACT!

samc 2.0 by armbar!

 Definitely think its one of the biggest.  Depends on what makes a "big" fight. Fedor / Randy is still up there.  And a GSP / Anderson bout would have to be up there.  But yes, of the fights most likely to happen in the near future, I think so.

I think Rampage takes it this time

 My dream scenario is this.  Wandy beats Rashad, and Rampage beats Griffin, setting up title match.  Wand beats rampage, while Chuck racks up a big win.  Wand/Chuck 2 is a 5 rounder for the title.

^^that's exactly what I would love to see

Kimbo vs. Chuck is the 2nd biggest MMA match and would demolish all previous PPV buys.

Though Sandy vs. smac 2.0 is twice as nice.

 My thoughts on Wandy's next opponent is that it should be an easier, showcase fight. Wandy doesn't have many title runs left, so they can't waste this one.  Give him someone he can get a highlight knockout against, then put him against rampage.

I think Houston Alexander or James Irvin are great choices.

Yes... or Fedor/Randy

Not really since Wand already destroyed Rampage convincingly twice.

im not really interested in it right now. its not like the first two fights were close or anything and i want to see wandy fight some new people.

Its a fight I definitely want to see but I don't know that the UFC is going to be going that direction. If he recovers soon enough, I would expect Liddell to get a shot at Rampage before too long.

Wand needs 2 more wins IMO...

 Chuck/Rampage 3 or Tito/Forrest 2 would probably do more PPV buys.

I don't want a Chuck/Wand rematch until one of them has the title. That needs to be a 5 round fight.

All of the above mentioned fights would be huge, but personally I want to see GSP/Penn 2 more than anything.


This really shows how pathetically shallow the talent pool is in MMA. The best LHW matchup anyone can come up with is a guy who is 1-3 in his last 4 against the current champ.

This despite the fact that 2 of the 3 guys who beat Wand are the last 2 guys Rampage beat.

BTW - Chuck vs. Forrest is going to be the fight to do huge PPV #s.