is baroni really that good of stri

striker? I mean i know hes got fast hands and power, but how would he do against franklin or lee murray?

Baroni's striking ability is over rated, IMO.

Phil may not be technical, but he's got heavy heavy hands.

phil stopped amar suloev

Minowa: KOed, Suloev: KOed, Menne: KOed, + 2 more minor TKOs?

Nah, no power.

"Brainless himself came out afterwards and admitted he was wrong to stop the fight,"

He made a mistake in thinking Phil was quitting, but the fight would have been stopped in another second or two regardless. Tanner was pounding Baroni worse than he was Terrell before that stoppage.

" Minowa: KOed, Suloev: KOed, Menne: KOed, + 2 more minor TKOs"

He landed about 20 unanswered punches to a defenseless Minowa before Minowa went down, and even then I imagine exhaustion played a big part. Menne ate about 6-7 shots directly to his chin in the space of one second. Same with Suloev. Baroni has good handspeed at times, and is usually pretty accurate, but there really is no indication that he has particularly remarkable power.

"Baroni would own Lee murray, Murray is a skinny punk, Phil would kill him, Franklin's stand up is no joke, but if Tanner can drop him, then Phil could send his jaw to the sixth row. "

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Baroni has some power, however he seems to get careless and sloppy with his punches and defense quite often in his fights. His punching just never seems to look crisp, even when he is fresh.

IMO Murray woulda killed Phil. Guess we'll never know tho :(

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lol, Lee Murray would own baroni.

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Murray would own Baroni.

That match would be painful to see.Two guys I don't like hitting each other...On seond thought put it together so I can watch both fuckwads beating each other up hopefully bad.

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Oh, great showing against the Bryan McBride of MMA, Pete Sell. LMAO!

Baroni has heavy hands and is a good brawler. If Murray could ever leave the isles I think that it would be a good fight. I would bet on Murray though.

i think he is overated as a whole, but his power is no joke. this last fight just capped off the disappointment. he may be washed up, but i think its more about competition improving.

honestly. he has been too conservative in his last two fights or more. while yes he used to blow his wad early and gas worse, he is not a stamina master now, so he might as well go for broke and die trying then start slow and wimper out anyway.

LOL@Baroni, who gets kudos for an exciting yet underachieving result against Minowa, even touching Lee Murray.