Is C. Velasco a job away from making it big?

and by "job" i mean....

and by "big" i mean.....

nothing will help her unless she does porn or something

she will always be a coffee shop singer at best

she sounds good but i think her nose is clogged in the video

maybe a blowjob or two

Porn can only do her good. I'll even volunteer to co-star.

yeah that one not so good.

You all underestimate the power of a nice rack.

She on drugs? She looks puglier then I thought. Maybe too skinny now?

Afrin and some store boughts is all that'll save her now

oh my

shoulda when i had the chance

^^^Orly?! Do tell!

fishscale - shoulda when i had the chance
 more info....

bro, fishscale has pretty much closed on all the quality tail in town.

ahh one night we were all partying and i didnt even know it was that chick i was just like welll shes staring at me alot or i shit my pants and everyone knew bout it but me. well turns out i didnt shit my pants and we start talking nd yadda yada. time restraint on the night got the better of it.
probably better anyways

hmmm good thing, her vocal cords seem kinda abused as it is :(