Is Cote vs Murray signed UFC52?

Is Cote vs. Murray and St. Pierre vs Miller signed for UFC52? If so these are awesome fights. Should be an absolute slugfest with Cote and Murray and highly entertaining match between St.Pierre and Miller.

Please say these fights are a go!

those would be two amazing fights to see and would have to be on the main card.

I heard it's done!


I believe its a go.

From what I've heard, Cote/Murray is not a sure thing. I don't know about St.Pierre/Miller though. Both would be good fights though, so I hope they work out!

There's this website called .

I read somewhere on there a few days ago that the guy who runs the site spoke with St.Pierre and Cote's manager that both fights are a go. In fact, it is old news.


Cote at 185lbs is very interesting.


Isn't this Miller's first fight at 170lbs? Did he cute much to make 185lbs?

Mayhem is a skinny little squirrel neck, I was suprised to hear that the had ever fought above 170. It wouldn't shock to hear that he walked around 170 something while fighting 185 and up.

"Mayhem is a skinny little squirrel neck"