IS Diaz vs. Lawler confirmed???

I keep hearing rumors about this fight for april but has it been officially announced by Zuffa?

yes. they have lawler vs. diaz already annouced as one of the fights on the poster.


Winner should take on George St.Pierre. I would say Charuto but I think he would be too much for either guy.

lawler cannot do anything to Diaz. As he has already demonstrated he has no heart and will fold like oragmi.

Saint Joe has taken a double dose of the correct medicine.

diaz will win. and when he fights charuto, st. pierre, or another ground fighter you will see his stand up abilities.

if it hits the ground diaz will submit him. if diaz can't take him down then you will all get to see his stand up which is pretty good. and after seeing lawler fight lytle and spratt, i think he has changed. i don't think lawler is really all that good, at one point he was given spratts back and he looked like he had no idea what to do although i am sure he did. but if it hits the ground and he does anything stupid he will get caught.

"will be two straight losses for lawler after this one. "

How's that possible considering Robbie won his last fight?

I think Lawler will win this one.

I don't think Diaz can take Lawler down, and I know he can't strike with Lawler.

Lawler by 1st round KO.

lets remember that Diaz trains with some pretty decent fighters also.Dave Terrell,Jake Shields,Gill Castillo,Rolles Gracie and Ceaser Gracie just to name a few.Also I believe i saw on the GracieFighter web siye that Casie Strand does take downs there.Was'nt he a pretty good college wrestler?Dont count this kid out.



"will be two straight losses for lawler after this one."

Ok, let's review the Lawler def. Lytle fight again.

1st RD - Lawler dominates

2nd RD - Lytle, Robbie took the entire round off (for whatever reasons?)

3rd RD - Close RD, but the knockdown clinches it for Robbie.

Lawler won.

I think Chris is a great fighter, but Robbie won that fight.

If Lawler fucks around like that(possing instead of fighting.round two with Lytle) with Diaz he is going to get his Ass handed to him.


Diaz his cardio will not let lawler relax or take time off. pressure,pressure,pressure!!!