Is Don King finished ?

am I wrong or do he not have a single legimate champion or draw under his label ?

With Brewster and Judah losing I cannot think of his top fighter.

nah, he'll be back as always.

His PPV's have had some pretty good matchups on the undercards. I think the PPV with the best matchups had Evander holyfied against Larry Donald, Hasim rahman against Kali Meehan, Chris byrd against Jameel McCline and John Ruiz vs andrew Golota. Those guys probably got paid very little though

DK has made some pretty good real estate moves over his career but I have read that he is a sucker for playing the market. His age and health are both going the wrong way and hopefully he will suffer greatly mentally and physically before he croaks. That day will be a great day.

but does he have any of the top fighters under his control.

Judah,Bryd,Collazo and Brewster have all lost and no longer have any belts. With Golden Boy, Arum, and others he seems to be left out of alot of future deals.

What has Arum done? I'm asking because I honestly don't know.

Oscar and Hopkins getting into the promoting business is great for boxing, IMO.

Is Carl the son of Don King still involved in boxing? If I am not mistaken he was the manager of a few of Don King's fighters. I imagine when Don King dies he will try to fill his shoes.

isn't kingworld don king's company? if so, he's got lots more going than just boxing like movies, food networks shows, etc