Is Fedor's shirt available?

Is Fedor's shirt available anywhere? I checked Pride's website already but couldn't find it.

I also like his shorts at Shockwave 2004, when he fought against Nog.

Yes his shirts are available. They had them on sale again at the last Pride. They're in red and black (Not sure of other colours)

Also available in some stores in Tokyo

I have been looking for one forever in the US and on websites that you can pay with US currency and can't find one yet.

bludhall - thats the one:)

Fedor strap:

Fedor keychain:

Fedor beanie:

Fedor T-Shirts:

forgot some more goodies:

The DOLL!!!

The wrist band:


<img src="


I want fedor merchandise but this really looks nazi like

i'd fight the doll!

The doll has a detachable title belt, so you can put it on the next champion (even yourself:))

does look nazi-like.

looks more Egyptian than German

Some hippy wigs out on you??