Is Francis Ngannou playing mind games with UFC 268 backstage snub of Ciryl Gane

Thoughts on Francis Ngannous straight up ignoring his former coach and teammate backstage at UFC 268?

someone said he wasnt particularly snubbing Ciryl, but his old coach whom he has beef with…not sure if tru

If so, they seem to be working

So far in his MMA career, Gane has been really even keel in the cage and he has been totally unaffected by mind games. I wouldnt put too much into this, but if Ngannou thinks he needs to play mind games, he might be in trouble.


He was never my friend. Dana Ngannou


Ngannou looks huge.

He is huge. Legit 6’4".

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I bet they planned it and had a friend film it for some extra views

I think it shows how Francis’ ego is yet again out of control. He’s high on himself and that short clip validates that assumption.

He knew Gane was there, it’s all in the eyes. Ha!