Is Ghenki a DVD clincher or....

Is the Sudo fight being held to boost DVD sale at a later date? Or will the fight be shown if time allows?

it will backfire if he is.I haven't bought a single UFC dvd yet but have somehow managed to obtain every previously unseen fight from those won't boost dvd sales to not include Sudo,it'll only increase the amount of bootlegs being traded over the internet.

Bootom Line is noone wants to pay for a dvd after they have already paid for the event once off of ppv.

The DVD's from UFC 39 onwards have all shown prelims, so I would assume that upcoming DVD's will do the same.

Hopefully this time around the prelims will be shown and we won't have to await a DVD. Having said that, I don't feel particularly cheated not seeing the prelims, in effect you pay for the main card when you buy the ppv. Coming from the UK, I feel happy just to be able to SEE the next ppv.

- Muhammad

the bad thing is that they post a card about two months out and you kind of look forward to each and every fight and then two weeks before the UFC they tell you which ones are going to be prelims so you tend to get your hopes up and then Zuffa crushes them.

It's not like they just put on a show and then at the end of the show tell us who fought who in the prelims.They tell us that shit well in advance and we look forward to that and then they take it away at the last minute