Is it time for Ellengerg to change camps?

He's quickly turning into a gatekeeper for the WW elite, but I think most of his issues are mental. It looked like he basically just gave up when Gastelum had that amazing reversal after getting taken down.

If the UFC wants to keep him around, I'd say give him some confidence-building fights on the pre-lims or something. Give him guys like Stun Gun, Erik Silva, etc... If he's not winning those fights, then he should be cut.

Count Dracula will teach him how to fight just give it time! Ask Browne! :) Phone Post 3.0

Ellenberger needs an intense camp and a mental coach not Edmund.

Sudo21 - MacDonald, Lawler and Gastelum are tough fights.
Especially Gastelum after two looses where he mentally shut down.

It's not the camp, he still trains with Munoz like before. It's tough road of killers and mental setbacks.

He needs sports psychologist.

Well see with Browne, those guys are killers - maybe too much technical training is bad for them, when someone is trying to make them super technical.

It really shows you how incredible GSP is to not only survive in such an elite division but to dominate and outclass his opponents.

ever since he left cordeiro...

leaves cordeiro and goes a a really nice guy, great person but not the right guy for his striking.  He went to the ruffo brother's dad.  The guy who holds mitts for the tapout kids.  I dont think much sparring at that time either but i have no clue in regards to that, just my guess based on photos and partners and reasons for leaving kings.  That was the downfall for munoz as well.  You can't go against title contenders or former champions in the UFC and not do hard sparring with other top pros and under a high level coach.  Just my two cents.

For the record I think both ellenberger and munoz are two of the classiest guys in the biz and always have been positive role models in so cal.  I just wish they would have stayed training at kings when they were on hot streaks and kicking ass.  Both guys were in talks to have title fights at one point.  Munoz was close and ellenberger was a legit top contender.


non frat:  i'm talking out my ass, but since they left cordeiro they havent had the same success.

Yea he needs switch. Does anyone even know Edmund's credentials other than coaching rousey?- who isnt the greatest striker. Any success she has had comes from her judo background prior to this guy Phone Post 3.0