Is Justin Gaethje ducking Michael Chandler?

Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Poirier title fight planned for December

Lets see what Justin does. If he chooses to bitch on the sidelines he is looking at sitting out til at least 2022…thats a long layoff. Chandler will stay active whether he fights Justin or not.

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This your new soapbox?

Gaethje doesn’t deserve shit, his performance against Khabib was embarrassing. Car crashes, huh? More like a freakin train wreck, I mean very rarely do you see a fighter in utter panic mode like he was.

On top of that, he says he’s on vacation? lolz, you couldn’t even call it a sabbatical at this point it’s been so long since he’s fought.

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Disrespected that 2 people who actually won their last fights fought for the title instead of him coming off of getting smashed in a white belt performance? That’s some early CTE shit right there. Some of these guys without a big fan base are getting terrible advice. Nobody but his mom would even know if he ever fought again.