Is Kiril the dude who fought Bill Duff?

I just watched The Baddest Man on the Planet, and Kiril reminded me of the dude who Bill Duff went against in the Sambo episode of Human Weapon.

that would be interesting

Don't think so. Kirill is shorter than Fedor, and the guy Duff fought was as tall as Bill or even a little taller. He was also quite thin, where as Kirill seems to be on the Igor Vov bacon and mayo sandwhich diet.

 Yeah the guy Duff fought was pretty tall and kinda sucked

Kiril looked a bit taller than Fedor to me. Fedor's on the short side for HW.

no not even close. I have the sambo episode of human weapon on dvd and that guy was a 6 5' uncoordinated goof with blonde hair who the producers found off the streets and had no connection to Fedor to make the host look good (a common theme throughout the show ).

Funny how it took a taekwando guy to finally say enough with trying to make every martial art look bad and ko'd bill.

Kiril would have killed bill duff

Yeah, I just read that apparently the dude who fought Bill had no connection to Fedor. With the initial preamble they had it seemed that the dude did.