Is MMA Uncensored Live Canceled?

Last week Bellator 360 was shown in its place and it looks like it's the same deal this week. I know they were on break during the holidays, but did the show get canceled or something?

It is supposed to be switching to an hourlong format but I can't find it on my TV guide either. Phone Post

That's cool if they're switching to an hour long format, hopefully it comes back soon.

Damn, it's been a long time since I've watched MMA Live too. I'm not sure if that show even exists anymore. It seemed like ESPN would just randomly play it whenever the hell they felt like it. There was no regular schedule at all.

Wonder if it comes back on after Bellator premieres on SpikeTV, could just be airing the 360's so fans can get a feel for bellator,

The bald host annoys me Phone Post