Is Nate Diaz's fight at UFC 263 the 'real' main event?

Yes if real means the fight people want to watch the most.

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Nate is only good then his oponent has no cardio

Co main for me.

He took 3 years off and came back to bend A. Pettis over pretty badly

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No, but it’s the fight I really want to see.

That fight has little appeal to me because I wholly expect Edwards to mail him (although I hope he doesn’t and Nate beats his ass lol).

The real main event is Figgy Smalls Moreno 2 for anyone who saw the first one. What an amazing fight.

The real main is Izy retard

Nate is the headliner. He will go out on his shield but if he can pull off a slick sub or something that arena will erupt

Shit he even paid that dude the money he lost on him.

War Diaz

Of course it is Mr copy and paste. Does this guy even communicate or make a thread and dissappear ?

Fucking nerd

You dislike Leon because he “complains” but you’re a fan of Nate. He’s not as bad as Nick, but that dude complains a lot.


Yeah. But Pettis hasn’t looked good since finishing Cheisa imo. I know he had the great finish of Thompson after that but he was getting his ass beat until he caught him.

Hmm I wonder which fight they’re talking about lol

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The reason I’m getting this PPV is Nate.

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Yes and it’ll be one of the highest bought ppv of the year to date. izzy will try to take credit in saying everyone wants to see him but its all for Nate. WAR DIAZ!

I’m a fan of Nate but Leon is a terrible matchup for him. I think his age and mileage show in this fight.