Is Nate Diaz's fight at UFC 263 the 'real' main event?

Is Nate’s fight the one your most excited for at UFC 263? He seems to think his scrap with Leon Edwards is the true main event.

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750,000 buys…you heard it here 1st!

But yeah…not sure i would buy this card without Nate


For me it is,but I have been a Nick & Nate fan since the beginning.They both have bothered me in the past though,but I`ll still watch them.Nate is lucky to be in the limelight,it was Conor that opened up the door for him when Dos Anjos dropped out.


I hope we see the ear slapping, shit talking, matrix combo Nate. I don’t know why I dislike Edwards- he bitches a lot iirc.

Figgie Smalls is always entertaining too


Sure looks that way by the coverage. I bet the Diaz countdown segments viewership trounces the other 2 main fights.

I know last night I watched a vid of the 209 leaving on a private jet and setting up in a mansion on Camelback mountain.

It had a whole different vibe than everyone else, who all look like they are living in the same hotel this week.

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The fact that there are 2 title fights on the card and this is STILL a 5 round fight tells you all you need to know about how the UFC views Nate. First time in UFC history that a 5 round fight takes place despite not being a title fight or a main event.


I think the UFC figures Nate grinding out 5 rounds is his only path to victory

They want him to win so bad to set up a Usman/Diaz fight in the winter

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It sure would be interesting (to me at least) to see if the other main & co-main fighters are getting the same treatment that Nate is getting by flying in that private jet & having that mansion in the hills paid for.There were also alot in Nate`s posse & I wonder how many of them were paid for?

I sure would like to know the percentage that the UFC is paying for this.

pretty sure Nate has plenty of money to charter his own private jet and get an airbnb for him and his boys

Nate is definetly carrying Andesanya on this one.

Funny thing is I have a feeling that the style bender is going to lose this one.

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It’s definitely the fight I want to see the most for a few reasons it’s almost a make or break for both guys.

Edwards is a talented guy but if he does not finish this in a convincing manner then I doubt he’s getting that title shot any time soon.

I would like to see Diaz get the win he’s got something to prove and a win opens up some great fights but it’s probably wishful thinking.

For any real fan it is

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Nate moves the needle, half the people hate him the other half love him so you got people tuning in to see him get whooped on or him slapping someone. I guess all the fans win.

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The reason I’m buying it

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Initial reaction was no, but the more I think about it the more I think it probably is yeah

Of course

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Ya it is because the main abs co main are rematches.

Going to be a tough fight for Nate. If he fights usman it’s going to be ugly

Kinda like the Leon usman match up more

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Nah the main event is Israel v Vettori.

But I am hyped to see Nate back. Hopefully he isnt too rusty