Is Patino out of Jungle Fight 2?

Is Jorge Patino "Macaco" out of Jungle Fight 2 now that he is fighting in PRIDE: BUSHIDO Volume 3?

Nevermind, I found this at

"'Macaco' speaks about Bushido 3
Submitted by: Luca Atalla
Posted On 05/12/2004

With R.Werneck

A dream has come true for Jorge 'Macaco' Patino. The invitation to fight in Pride Bushido 3 scheduled for May 23rd, in Japan, is everything he always
wanted. Shortly after learning he was confirmed to face the Kazuo Misaki, he shared with us all his feelings.

'I am so happy. I would like to thank my masters Rudimar Fedrigo and Rafael Cordeiro. Since I came to Chute Boxe in January I've been working really hard to reach this objective. I will go to Pride ready to carry the Chute Boxe flag", said Patino.

When he decided to move from Sao Paulo to Curitiba, Jorge Patino told us he was going to Chute Boxe to improve his striking skills. Almost five months later, he feel he is ready to punch like his training partner Wanderlei Silva.

"I'm 100% better than when I got here. I don't know much about Misaki, but I can say I will try to do my best while we stand up and after that, I will try to win the bout using my Jiu-Jitsu skills on the ground" said Macaco.

It is going to be the second time that Patino will fight in Japan. In his first trip to the LAnd of the Rising Sun, he drew with the local fighter Daisuke Ishii
in Deep, back in January of 2001.

"When I fought in Deep they didn't have judges decisions. I ended the fight against a fighter who much bigger and taller than me without a single scratch. I am very excited to return to that country. The opportunity to fight in Japan is the top of any fighter's career", says Patino.

Since Macaco is confirmed in Pride, he won't be able to fight in Jungle Fight 2, which happens on May 15th in Manaus, Brazil. But according to the chuteboxer, he is confirmed to be part of the Meca World Vale Tudo XI card, event which will take place on June 5th in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro.

"I would like to apologize to Wallid Ismail (Jungle's promoter). Unfortunately Jungle Fight is too close to Pride and I won't have time enough to prepare myself to fight in both. I've been waiting for so long to fight in Pride that I can't miss the opportunity", ends Jorge Patino, who is flying to Japan on Monday."

It's too bad cause i really wanted to fight him. Maybe next
time.... or maybe in PRIDE next time. regardless best of luck
Buck Greer

You will meet him soon anyway. He went where we are going...

good luck in your fight this weekend Buck Greer.