Is Royce really a MMA fighter?

So can we agree that there are no "MMA fighters" only fighters training in one or more disciplines?

"I did not say they were not a part of MMA read my post jackass."

Then your statement is pointless. If NHB is a part of MMA this means Royce is an MMA fighter

"I did not say NHB was only a fight,"

Yes you did, quote - "NHB was a fight"

"but MMA is a combat sport yes its a fight but regulated with many rules."

Your point being? Every organization has different rules. Pride GP 2000 had a no ref stoppage, NO-Time limit bout with Sakuraba and Gracie. The finals with Coleman and Igor were also no time limit. The rules in both these matches were very simalar to the old UFC days and far different than any current event. Do you not classify them as MMA?

"True NHB/vale tudo means No fishhooking or small joint minipulation, and of course eye gouging. Thats NHB. MMA is still a sport"

I agree MMA is a sport but so is NHB even though it had fewer rules. If the amount of rules are the only determining factors seperating the 2 and whats determines a fight being MMA, than perhaps KATA point fighting should be classified as MMA also. They have an abundle of rules there as well!

"trust me I know a little about it and its a "sport"

I agree? MMA is a sport and so is NHB

"Tell me again when were those fights?? yea a long time ago"

Your point being? Because it was a long time ago and the calibers of fighters are not up to par compared to today's athlete, Royce should not be recognised as as an MMA fighter? Or are you saying his accomplishments (being over a decade ago) does not fit to classify him as an MMA fighter? 12 years from now, Hughes will be in the same position as Royce... that is seeing many fighters evolving way ahead of him. Its natural and part of the game.

"and yea if rulon gardner can hang so can Hughes."


"Yoshida is a ground guy with horrible striking let see so is Royce."

Yah he's a terrible striker who survive Silva twice and destroyed Tank Abbott while scoring very good shots on both opponents. Guy Mezger is a great striker and look what happened to him when he fought Silva

"Royce got choked out. Or we see Sak who tapped all the gracies."

LOL! im not gonna debate about the choke out but i have to ask you... have you ever been choked out (i have)? Do you think after being choked out you will be jumping up screaming and bouncing around as soon as the ref stops the fight? Look at the Wallid fight, that is how one reacts after being choke-out. As for his fight with Sakuraba, that was a legendary war!!! Think about it, for a guy who was off 5 years, came back and fought the #1 competitor at his peak, he lasted an incredible 1 hr 15 minutes. Yes Yes, Sak is washed up now but this was during his peak and reign. In case you weren't aware at the time Sak was praised with the same affection as the current Fedor - tough, showsman, and always finding a way out of trouble and to win.

"Dont talk to me of respect i love Royce and respect him but this dont mean he didnt get past by."

lol reading your post it is very clear you have much respect for Royce and his accomplishments.

"Hell Royce BJJ was not even the best. You should know your history"

There is a huge difference between BJJ in NHB and Sport JJ. Royce's style is not great for Sport JJ as evidence by his defeat of Wallid. I can also point out many fighters who would likely walk over him in Sport JJ. All that said, his JJ is great for MMA/NHB as evidence by all his victories. Look at guys like Sperry, Wallid, Goes, Bettiti, Joe Moreira, Saulo Ribeiro, etc etc. These guys are consider BJJ phenoms and many had a really rough NHB career (even in the early Royce Era competition)

Wow that's a huge post.

Of course he is.

Viet, first not to toot my horn but i have fought MMA and have grappled for many years in different styles including BJJ. I respect Royce but he is not at the top of the pedestal by no means. I am a realist. Royce was caught plain and simple. Royce's BJJ was good against people who did not know the game. Sak put a whooping on royce, hughes put a whooping