Is Serra coming back?

I have been hearing rumors that serra is not going to come back and fight gsp... Since he won the belt he is going to call it quits... Anyone know if it is true??

you wasted your 66th post on this..  You only get ONE 66th post and this is how you spend it?  Well, you just blew it.  Let's see if you are a wasteful with post 67.

you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind...

Serra will Ko GSP/HUGHES/SCAROLA/etc..

I gotta think that Serra's injury is fairly serious if they issue a interim championship belt.

Sorry Cyberslinger and MyEarHurt, I dont wast my life posting on here. Heard something more than once.. just wondering if anyone else did.

who knows? but i do want to see GSP mash him.

Hope so as well. GSP will beat him.

That fluke victory of Serra's.

Spoke to matt and dana..It is be determined when and where.