Is Shevchenko a UFC women's flyweight Michael Jordan or Khabib?

Compared to the rest of division? Yes.

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She’s incredible and just gets better. I hate to pick my favorite fighter because I like and respect so many, but definitely she and Robbie Lawler are in my top 10 all- time.

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There’s literally no one else at 125 with any talent lol

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She would wipe the floor with all the 135lb bitches. She lost a razor close decision to the champ, other than that she’s been unstoppable. Valentina, rose, Nunes and the rest. Those are my top 3 to watch for entertaining ladies.



There’s literally no one except Nunes at 135 with any fucking talent either! 115 is he only division with more than 1 talented MMA Fighter in it lol

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She’s like a female version of GSP.