Is there an MT gym in Portland OR?

See title

check out Tigard, OR

I used to live in Portland and the only straight MT gyms i knew were in Corvalis and Eugene. My cousins up there now and says he knows a MT gym in Cedar Mill area that just opened up this last fall. i'll try and get in contact with him and let you know. also some guys i trained with at MTA in LA said there was a dude that trained at SF Fairtex gym is opening a school up in portland. might be the same guy tho

Thanks. I appreciate that.

If you don't know of any pure MT gyms, how about gyms that'll train me in MT, even if it's not their focus.

Hi. the one i listed in Tigard
is a full Contact karate place, and i know the
instructor has experience in Muay Thai as well
as Pancrese Competition. He has been to Fairtex
camps, but i do not know that he is Fairtex

are any of these near you?

good luck!