Is this dangerous?

I was thinking about taking this Testosterone increasing supplement called TBomb 2. Here are the claims:

T-BOMB II (View Product Page)

What does it do?

Dramatically increases testosterone levels and maximizes your overall hormonal environment to increase lean muscle mass, strength, vascularity, muscle hardness and recovery as well as decrease overall body fat.

How does it work?

Optimone 5™ (5 Phase Hormone Optimizing Blend):

Phase I: Boost Testosterone Levels:

High levels of clinically proven ingredients are used to stimulate and force the pituitary gland in the brain to send messages to the testicles telling them to produce high levels of the highly anabolic (muscle building) compound testosterone. Testosterone spurs the promotion of protein biosynthesis that are responsible for the highly anabolic characteristics of testosterone. This is an extremely important function for athletes and bodybuilders as it accelerates muscle growth, speeds up recovery time and also stimulates the entire metabolism that results in the burning of body fat.

Phase II: Clear SHBG & Elevate "Free Testosterone"

SHBG is a protein in the blood that destroys 98% of the testosterone your body produces. T-Bomb II uses clinically proven Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Pygeum Africanum and Beta Sitosterol that clear SHBG and frees up testosterone.

Phase III: Block The Conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen:

Unfortunately, not all Testosterone remains as Testosterone once it's produced. The "aromatase" enzyme converts some of your Testosterone into the female hormone, estrogen, which is responsible for the accumulation of body fat, water retention, female characteristics and poor sexual performance. T-Bomb II uses powerful " anti-aromatase" compounds that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Phase IV: Block The Estrogen Receptor Site

Stage 2 of T-BOMB It's "estrogen assault" uses estrogen-blocking compounds to clog the receptors, assuring that estrogen does not attach to the receptor and exert any of its estrogenic effects. Estrogen is left free floating in the blood where it will eventually die.

Phase V: Block DHT

Testosterone can also convert into a hormone known as DHT, which is responsible for negative side effects such as baldness and acne. T-Bomb II provides your body with the critical nutrients to minimize and block this conversion. Additionally, minimizing DHT, which normally competes with Testosterone for the androgen receptor, leaves even more receptors open for Testosterone to latch onto.

2nd Messenger™ Hormone Amplifier:

When testosterone arrives at your muscles, complex intracellular compounds called "2nd Messengers" communicate this arrival and trigger an anabolic (muscle building) reaction. The louder the signal, the greater the reaction. T-Bomb II contains nutrients that will amplify this signal and increase Testosterone's anabolic effects to stimulate muscle growth.

Who should take it?

Anyone the age of 18 or over who is looking to: Increase lean muscle mass, strength, vascularity, muscle hardness and recovery and decrease overall body fat.

How should I take it?

Take 3 tablets twice a day with or without food.

T-Bomb I think MHP makes that. Haven't tried it myself Andre but honestly if it sounds too good to be true it probally is or in this case might not be good for ya in the long run. If your going to spend $ on test raising stuff might as well go see a sports doc get your blood levels checked to see if your test is really low. I know after 18 or so your test starts dropping off alittle but really doubt it's low to the point where you need to supplement. Plus always better to have a doc supervise and do blood work to see if what your taking is working or not. Overseas right now and to be honest for the price of T bomb I can easily pick up a weeks worth of DECA! Have even given it some thought, only thing stopping me is that back here there's a lack of sports physicians who can run blood work and will monitor your progress.