Is this normal?

My wife was in a fairly bad car accident about 2 months ago.She was lucky as only her shins were really bruised up. Still she has swelling on one of her shins and she mentions the skin in that area is numb. I know most here are not doctors but anyone have any ideas if this is normal after such a hard impact even 2 months later. She feels fine when working out but the area is still quite sore to the touch.

Has she been to a doctor? 2 months seems to long a time for just bruising or something minor.

Yes when it originally happened. They took x rays and looked it at. Her leg turned black and blue from the impact from the knee to her foot. Discoloration gone but still a fairly large bump that doesn't really seem to be getting any smaller with time. We would go to the doc again but living in Canada you can't get an appointment and going to emergency you have to sit for 6 hours like last time.

sounds like she has a pretty good hematoma. kind of like when you do shin conditioning for muay thai and get a little over zealous.

it can take months to go away. the numbness/tingling is probably from the nerves in that area being damaged. that may take even longer to go away.

the best treatment is warm compresses to the affected area and massage (she's going to love that) what you need to do is increase circulation to that area and allow the body to break down that hematoma.


Look into massage, get a nationally certified (NCTMB) therapist skilled in lymphatic drainage. If they don't have their NCTMB, think twice before letting them work on her.