Is this Real? Latest UFC contract update

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Incoming Dana dick suckers

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The subject of UFC fighter pay has become a focal point of intense contention and discussion within the MMA community. Among the perspectives that abound, one section argues that fighter pay directly mirrors the popularity and drawing power of the contenders.

On the other hand, there exists a faction asserting that the UFC employs unjust tactics, leading to fighters becoming ensnared in unfair contractual arrangements. Several prominent names like Jake Paul and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou have attempted to shed light on what they perceive as the organization’s draconian practices.

Moreover, the organization has also been embroiled in a class-action lawsuit that recently took an antitrust stance against the organization. The plaintiffs which consist of about 1,200 MMA professionals, have filed this lawsuit against Dana White and the organization for their “coercive” conduct aimed towards maintaining control over fighters.

With these developments fresh, a new report from Bloody Elbow delves into the reasons behind the seemingly insurmountable financial gap between newly crowned bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley and the prosperity achieved by MMA star Conor McGregor.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of Ultimate Fighting Championship contracts, revealing a clause that reportedly grants the organization a share of any entrepreneurial ventures initiated by a fighter.

For better understanding, the reports suggest:

"Let’s say Sean O’Malley starts his own dispensary or some other venture—a munchies store that sells a ton. But the UFC cuts themselves in on the deal and gets a large percentage of it. So, it’s no longer just him making all the money. He has to give up a portion of it to the UFC, which is pretty amazing if that does happen.”

Several fans took to Twitter to react to the organization’s coercive tactics, writing:

“At some point, the government needs to intervene because it’s getting ridiculous.”

“There is absolutely no way that this is an actual stipulation in the contract there must be more language we’re not seeing.”

Check out some of the reactions below:

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I wonder if this applies to Only Fans?

If a fighter’s contract renews is this something they are potentially exposing themselves to?

This is beyond fucked.

But UFC will say this individual’s name was made a brand by the UFC’s marketing machine…

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this is beyond fucked

and nothing will happen lol

can’t stop the machine

Let me guess, this is John Nash telling everybody his skewed interpretation of what the clause reads…I guarantee there’s a big difference between what he says, and how it’s actually worded and legally applied


One can only hope

Meanwhile degenerate gambler dana blows 600k at a time


So after looking at the clause, this is 100% “UFC is the devil” spin. Since said author is a proponent of comparing UFC to other big sports like boxing and the NFL, let’s give an example or two of what this is…

So, it’s essentially brand security, and is very common. You know when you’ve watched an NFL game, or really any televised sport, you see or hear a disclaimer like “This broadcast is copyrighted by NFL productions for the private use of our audience. Any other use of this broadcast or any pictures, descriptions, distribution or accounts of the game without the consent of NFL productions is strictly prohibited.” If a person/business violates this, they are open to all sorts of legal repercussions.

So, say an NFL player signs a sponsorship deal, or better yet, starts their own business. They want to use some of their game footage, the NFL logo etc. To do this, they have to approach the league, get approval and or pay a licensing fee to the NFL in exchange for the use of NFL “work product”. In many cases, deals are made between both parties. Failure to do this, opens the player and business up to face legal action and result in injuctive relief, damages etc.

In no way, is this deemed as bad or taking money out of player’s pockets, rather it’s pretty basic business procedure and upheld by the courts. However, it’s being spun as a new, evil tactic by a few select journalists close to the lawsuit and MMAFA because UFC lol.


I don’t think has to do with money, Dana doesn’t need to tax his fighters businesses and he could pay them more if he wanted to. What it comes down to is control, he wants his fighters hungry so they have to fight. He wants them as sort of indentured servants that he can control because they need to fight for money.

Fighters like Wonderboy will be punished for not taking a fight with an overweight guy, but I think Wonderboy has fuck you money, most don’t


How dare you bring some sense to this subject?

I believe Nash posts on Sherdog now or someone who seems to be. This was posted there and even their legion of anti-dana nutcases started questioning this.

The best is that it may not even be standard across all contracts so this dummy could’ve possibly snitched on his fighter source.


It looks like Bloody Elbow deleted the tweet after realizing they didn’t understand the legal language. No mention of a retraction or anything. These guys are fucking amateurs, not surprised with the current state of journalism, never mind the toilet bowl of mma journalism.

That doesn’t stop the mass functioning retards of mma to believe it to be true. It would be nice if Hunter Campbell hit up BloodyElbow with some nice legal fees.



What many don’t realize with big money comes big problems. Guys turning down fights and fighting once a year. Look at boxing, Floyd ducked Many for years until he was sure he could beat him. Fury and Joshua have never fought while both have been champs. Crawford and Spencer avoided each other until one is 35 and the other 33. PPV’s are $70 now, imagine if champs were making 20 mill per fight? I like it the way it is.


I’m genuinely perplexed listening to mma media discuss this whole ufc lawsuit situation. I understand they want fighters to be paid more, but if the ufc gets hammered and the sport splinters it will be dogshit just like boxing. It would probably be more lucrative for the top guys but the guys at the bottom will probably get 3 grand like boxers. Personally, I don’t give a shit what they make, but I do care about seeing the best fighters fight each other and the ufc at least makes that happen. I have a feeling if this goes through the quality of the sport will suffer big time. Random fights cards that most people don’t give a shit about just like boxing.


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Pretty much, as a consumer I enjoy it how it is.

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