Is This Really Bruce Lee Sparring?

Has anyone seen this clip before. Its the first time Ive seen it.

I thought it was interesting.


Who is he fighting. It looks like a TKd Stylist.

I thought it must be pretty early in his development. You can see his tradeMark showmanship even then.


That film clip is from Ed Parker's 1964 Tourney. Bruce Lee put on that Demo and he took turns sparring both Dan Inosanto, and Taky Kimura.

Frankly, if you look at it now, it's not impressive (although a couple of things do stand out).

However, when you realize that he was sparring like this even before full-contact kickboxing in the USA even existed, he was quite ahead of his time.


I may have the year wrong. There was two Parker tourney's that Bruce Demo'ed at...64 & 67.

Ive always liked the fighting method series. I think it still covers the basics most stand up fighters are using today. Does anyone have any other footage of BL. I'd love to see some more.