Is UFC Going To Have An Event In Edmonton Soon?

Thinking it would sell out fast

Tons of BJJ,MMA schools in Edmonton Alberta with alot of fight events.

your thoughts

I don't think they're too interested in Edmonton. They could probably sell out rexall place with the right card, but they can have a card in Calgary and attract more people from bc and the states along with edmontonians willing to travel. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure they are building a bigger version of Rexall

When the new building is up I'd say they'll be in there quickly.  Every fairly major event in that new arena will sell out quickly in the first year or so.  Hell, this year even with all the drops in oil prices and layoffs and shit like that, the Oilers had a 95% season ticket renewal rate.  Basically to ensure they got seats into the new arena.  And apparently the waiting list went up to over 3000 after the draft lottery.

When the new arena is built (I think it finishes next year) they'll be here for sure. Still waiting for a nice card to make up for the abortion that was UFC 149. Phone Post 3.0

I would go in a heartbeat. Phone Post 3.0

WSOF has some sort of teritorial rights I believe. Phone Post 3.0

I went to WEC 49 and it barely drew any fans to what ended up being one of the best cards of the year. Looking back on who fought it is pretty crazy, Barao was the first fight on the card lol. Definitely not as much buzz about the ufc and mma in general here compared to a few years ago but in the new arena with a good card they will do fine. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, if Edmonton wanted a UFC card they should have gone to that WEC show.

I know they announced 5600 as the attendence for that show, but I'd be stunned if there were that many people in the building.

I would rather drive 7 hrs to calgary than drive 4hrs to Edmonton for decent card. Phone Post 3.0