Is Vitor under contract?

I was just wondering if Vitor is still under contract with the UFC? I thought that he had signed a 3 fight deal and it was gonna be up after the title fight. With Vitor now talking about wanting to fight Vanderlei and unify the belts, it makes you wonder if he won't take the belt with him to Pride, instead of having a rematch with Randy.

Arona?! I think he's a hell of a fighter but he hasn't earned a spot in a LT HVY of such elite fighters. Put Rampage in there and it makes sense though.


Arona was the first one on the line, and moreover Rampage was already defeated by Wanderlei.

Arona was the first one on the line


I'm not sure I understand that.

I'm just saying that Rampage has done a LOT more than Arona has to earn his way into a hypothetical tournament. He's been fighting; he beat Randleman, Vovchanchin, Chuck Liddell etc while Arona has not been doing much of anything. I think that Arona is untapped and would beat on Ortiz, I just don't think he's earned his shot.


sure would suck if arona wound up universal champ for lay and pray

Vitor wont fight Silva. Pride wont let Silva fight in the UFC. He's one of their top draws and their CHAMP.

Vitor wont fight Silva. Pride wont let Silva fight in the UFC. He's one of their top draws and their CHAMP.


Well, if Vitor signed a three fight deal, he has fulfilled the three fights and is free to go to Pride to fight Vanderlei.


ttt for info on Vitor's status with the UFC.

Unless the UFC resigns him, he ONLY fights Vanderlei in Pride and that's it. Why some keep speculating otherwise I have no clue.

Is too bad UFC must offer Vitor now a very good contract...:-)

According to what Dana said, they had signed Vitor to a new three fight contract prior to the Couture bout. I don't think they will ever make the mistake they made with Barnett again.

Cool. So we must watch Vitor vs. Couture III promptly.

Vitor likes UFC better than PRIDE--he finds kicks to a downed opponentent unsportsmanlike. Also remember, not a lot of fighters have crossed over from PRIDE to UFC, Vitor made the change for a reason. He also stated that he was very happy with his last contract. ZUFFA would be pretty stupid if they didn't resign Vitor. Love him or hate him, when he fights he generates a LOT of hype and excitement

I thought that it was Vitors last contractual fight too, but it makes sense they would have renegotiated before title fight, smart move for both, it mitigates Vitor's risk of losing financially because has has two fights to redeem himself, it protects Zuffa albeit I don't think Vitor would try to take belt away, he may want a bit more money as champ though.

Perhaps there is a clause in Vitor's contract for if he won the belt? Anyway, does anyone have that site that shows earnings for UFC's?

TTT for the New Old Vitor!

I doubt Zuffa would be dumb enough to sign Vitor to a title fight with no more fights left on his contract...

rampage deserve a shoot a wandy.. if rampage fought wandy without fighting chuck 15 min before, he wont kill wandy!!!