Islam Makhachev: DC reminded me to call Floyd out

- Your Mayweather call-out was more like sarcasm ...

- Of course it was a joke. UFC changed everything, turned upside down. Now the men are not looking for worthy opponents. Fighters need money, everyone became demanding... Conor McGregor improved his contract, he asks to fight with the boxers. You are the champion - fight with those who deserved to fight, instead of thinking about the fabulous fees.

- It had been planned in advance? Or you remembered Mayweather in the ring?

- No, during a training session at AKA, we also talked about this. And I jokingly said that I will ask the money fight after fight. All, of course, laughed and forgot. But before the fight Daniel Cormier - champion who trains in our room - came to me in the back room for an hour before the fight and said: "Do not forget your promise." I have not forgotten (laughs).