Islam vs Charles 2? Or 170 belt?

Would you rather see Islam face Charles in a rematch, or move up to fight for the 170 belt?

  • Do Bronx 2
  • 170- Champ/Champ
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Charles is coming off a loss. Why would he get a title shot against Islam?


Charles will get knocked down again, Islam will capitalize on that, easy boring fight and Charles is overrated.


Because there is no one else thats exciting at 155. Charles had to win something like 8 in a row to get the shot, defended against a murders row, then was suppose to get a rematch for the belt but it fell thru. Even in his last loss was a razor close decision. Do you not follow the sport?

I mean we can have Charles face BSD or perhaps Jalin Turner (same ranked opponent Dustin had to beat when gifted his shot). If you wanna waste more time and have Islam sit even longer.

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Islam vs Conor

The biggest fight in ufc history

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Ok Dana.


I would prefer the re-match.

Love Charles but it’s Arman’s turn next.


Yes, and he will get beat just like the rest.

Waiting for the UFC to recruit some guys who can actually wrestle at LW.



I like Charles but his performance against Islam was shit. Give it to someone else

It’s pride month, give Charles his shot

Why Arman? Has he even defended his title yet?

Think they are missing out on not doing Islam vs Max. Max just knocked out the guy who was getting the next title shot.

And now Max is left without a fight because Topuria wants a 2nd belt and Islam thinks he’s cleaned out the division after two title defenses.

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He doesn’t have a title. He just beat Charles.

I was thinking Arman was Topuria for a second lol my fault

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