Islam wants Leon

He’s just talking shit. He’s never gonna fight at welterweight.

He’s terrified to fight guys his own size just like khabib always was.

he will keep cutting 30 pounds and using IVs to fight guys smaller than him

he knows damn well gets smoked by the top 10 at welter


Winning 24 minutes of a 25 minutes fight is scraping by these days huh

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I think you’re just salty

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It only matters if Dariush wins, absolutely 0 interest in a rematch with Charles.

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No it doesn’t, Yair just lost to Holloway 2 fights ago and is 4-2-1 in the last 6 years. Guy is an inactive .500 fighter who was gifted a meaningless belt against a joirneyman. And why even have an interim belt if Volk is coming right back down? Let Yair fight a couple more guys and build up that 2 fight win streak so he can ear a real shot.

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and yet he has the same amount of title defences as khabib at lw and a welterweight title. lol

getting dropped 3 times, losing the strike count and ending the fight looking like you’ve been hit by a truck is winning 24 of 25 minutes?

troll harder bro


Show me evidence of him getting dropped 3 times


yes and sanchez had more wins over legit contenders at the time than khabib does still to this day haha.

all good though lil buddy we all know you weren’t watching back then. you simply wouldn’t understand.

yan had him down for 5 seconds there after a failed takedown attempt from omalley

volk dropped islam and laid into him for over a minute

another troll talking irrelevent nonsense

its like logic is non existent on this forum

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Homie could barely beat the 145 champ now he wants 170 because he didn’t want to fight a wrestler in Usman.



Islam is a retard


Hi jack


I think if Benny fights smart and as good as he did against Gamrot, he’d have a real shot.

I thought Islam beat Volk, razor close, but I gave it to him.

However, he needs a few defenses before an immediate move up title shot, just like Volk did and Jones and Izzy.


Correct - people dont give Volk and Izy enough credit for their resume. They have fought everyone in line with no cherry picking or complaints unlike Islam, Khabib etc.

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