Island 's D Williams Judo Series

Island have an apparently amazing deal at the moment.

5 DVDs for $57.99. This is David William's Judo series. Has anybody seen them? Are they any good? What are the running times?

The descriptions aren't great either - few throws seem to be covered. I'd like to get the set if they covered good material.

I have Volume one and it is an excellent video. I wrote a
review for it and that can be found on the Judo forum.

I have volume 1 also. Good stuff. I don't think the point is to cover many throws. Just to cover the ones that it does WELL. And he succeeded on volume 1.

Well I am a fat lazy bastard for not checking the Judo thread!! (In fact I forgot there was one!!)

Plus I discovered that Dave Williams posts as USAJUDODAVE.

Thanks for the review.

Anyone else got other volumes?

PAYLOTAS - how long is the sale for?

Vol.1 (Tai Otoshi) is around 45 minutes long. It is packed full
of info and little details!

here's a clip

Another clip for Dave Williams Judo DVD

They are all good.

Does he show a number of ways to break your opponents grip
from your gi in the tapes?

Also, can the throws be adapted to no-gi?

"Does he show a number of ways to break your opponents grip from your gi in the tapes?"

Yes. He does address grip fighting. He doesn't show a huge variety of pop-offs, but he shows how to get your grip and how to stop your opponent from getting a good grip. He also addresses gripping opponents who are smaller or larger than yourself.

"Also, can the throws be adapted to no-gi?"

To an extent, yes. He actually shows a no-gi seoinage. However, if you are looking for a no-gi takedown tape, I would NOT suggest this series.

For no-gi check out Darrell Gohlar's Ultimate Wresling and Vale-Tudo takedowns.