Issue training with contract lens?

Just got new contact lens for the first time in years. Been wearing glasses. Any issues training or sparing with contacts? Any things to look out for?


Don't wear them during sparring or grappling.

(This message is from a licensed physician.)

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wear one day soft lenses and a helmet with a face guard. if you get your lenses knocked out of your head, you can cheaply replace them

I've always worn contacts when I train. They might get knocked out. Chances of your eyes getting injured are very low. Bring your glasses so you can get yourself home.

"Bring your glasses so you can get yourself home."

Done. I also have a case for the contact lenses..

I hear some UFC fighters were contacts in the Octogon?

True? If so who?

I train with contacts. Occasionally I have a problem, but for the most part they don't get knocked out, they get folded up and slip to the back of my eyeball. I never worry too much about it when it happens because they always pop back in later, and that's probably a safer place for them anyway.

yep Karo wears contacts.

ricky T and whitson are correct. single day use lenses when training, and keep an extra pair of glasses handy just in case. plus it gives your teammates a chance to gaze into your eyes once they knock a lens loose... if you like that sort of thing.

I have really crappy vision, but i don't feel the need to wear contacts in the ring. A blurry fist coming at you is still recognizable. Bring your glasses to the gym and leave them in your locker, IMO.


They pop out sometimes if you take a good shot to the eye, but it's rarely a problem. I just keep a spare pair in my car or gym bag and I'm set.
I had one of them pop out in one of my four fights, and it wasn't really a big deal.


Does anyone actually train with goggles? My vision is horrible and I don't know if I want contacts popping out. Is that even reasonable?

i train and i have a fight coming up and im wearing my contacts.. i had them pop out in my boxing class cuz i got poked in the eye. but other than that there good to go.