Issues With K-1 Dynamite...

1.  The In House DJ and the PPV commentators speaking over each other the entire night sucked.

2.  The rediculous 200 stair walk to get on a "chariot" that carried the fighters to the ring was a waste of time.  15 - 20 minutes just to get the fighters in the ring is sad. 

3.  Mauro and Bill kept calling the show UFC and Elite XC.  It was actually kind of funny.

4.  For the most part the fights were, at best OK, but I'm not sure about the overall quality of the matchmaking.    

Those things said... I've always like K-1 and can only hope that they work to make improvements on the next event.  No show is ever perfect but there were way too many little things piled up that almost make me wish I would have saved the money.  Oh well.  


The Manhoef/Dong fight saved the night.

^ That was a great fight.  And, "The Janitor" looked impressive too.

E-Yo, Totally worth the price for that alone. Loved the drum stuff also. DJ and Rodman sucked.

Had to be there live, I felt like I was in Japan.

Great experience live. Trippy MMA event. The walk-outs were long though.

The DJ was the dumbest idea. I was at ringside trying to watch the fight and he was basically encouraging the fans to boo. He was an idiot and whoever gave him a microphone in an idiot.

Good to hear that at least the show was good to see live ... minus the DJ.


I think any live MMA fun and when the ticket is $10 or free it's hard to get too pissed off.

After wasting my money on this I believe K-1 should stick to kickboxing events. I went to a live K-1 show last year in Vegas and it was one of the most exciting events I've been to. I thought the production was going to be better being that it was Showtime/PPV putting it together. The DJ was horrible. He called Warpath, "Warcraft"? WTF? On top of many other things.

The WCL tried the DJ thing at thier Conneticut show and half the people walked out because it was so annoying. I purchased the show because I wanted to support a new promotion but they need to work on thier tv production.

It's hilarious that they almost ran over time and, if the Lesnar fight had gone the distance, would not have been able to air it to its finish, given the fact that there were only about 25 minutes of fighting on the entire show.

"3. Mauro and Bill kept calling the show UFC and Elite XC."

It actually was an Elite XC event - that's Showtime's name for their MMA PPV's.