It is time for Arlovski vs Gonzaga!

Both guys have been winning more than they have been losing but neither are getting any younger. Both can be explosive monsters capable of stopping anyone in world on a good night.

This fight is fireworks.

You know what you must do Joe Silva, you know what you must do...

Arlovski has the boxing and kickboxing advantage and Gonzaga has the wrestling and BJJ advantage.

Arlovski can still run in to trouble on the feet and the same can be said for Gonzaga on the ground, especially if he is under Arlovski or gives his back.

I know it is not a fight for a title shot but it is a fight between two top 20 guys who have some insane skills and heart.

Gonzaga wins rd 1 then gasses hard. Arlovski picks him apart in rounds 2 and 3. Likely tko's him Phone Post 3.0

Gonzaga by devastating first round ko, both past prime but the pitbull is made completely of glass at this point and gonzagas stand up has improved massive amounts between his recent fights. Phone Post 3.0

It is a sin this never happened a few years ago.