Its time for UFC to call JJ Ambrose

He is on a 7 fight win streak. Hasn't lost since 2008 and his stand up has improved without a doubt. I think its time that UFC gives JJ a shot at the big show...


Agreed. That boy is good.

ttt for JJ

I checked the guy out just out of curiosity.

His last 5 wins had a combined record of 20-28-2.

4 submissions and a decision in those 5 fights. But again, to be fair, the decision was against the toughest guy of the 5 that he beat.

Its time to stop fighting cans imo.

I train with many UFC fighters at Tiger Muay Thai...JJ is more than capable of competing at that level...and barely being 24....I'd agree it's time the UFC gave him a second's time he gets a UFC level opponent.

bah ray posted the exact same time i taking out my ttt


The UFC asks that guys go and get on a winning streak, to be considered.....

I reckon this constitutes a winning streak, and the way JJ is training --- I don't see him being derailed anytime soon.

Hoping a top opponent or a top promotion are just a phone call away...



JJ is still a very young fighter, but is continuing to evolve his skillset. Competing in between his MMA fights he has now started taking Muay Thai bouts.

Losing a decision on the Ultimate Fighter, he has grown a lot as a competitor and has continued to focus his training. Would be cool to see them give him another opportunity to win a fight and get into the house for the next season of TUF.

He definitely improved from that lost in TUF. He has a excellent chance of taking out some UFC fighters in his weight class imo.


He trains out of Tiger Muay Thai. I watched his last fight in PXC. AWESOME stand up. Really underrated.

TTT for JJ AMBROSE!!!!! Phone Post


Wasnt he on TUF and lost?

So he will need to get some wins before they bring him back.

Chris27 - Wasnt he on TUF and lost?

So he will need to get some wins before they bring him back.

He's on a 7fight win streak.


congrats to JJ as he joins Bellators Season six tourney!




I read this as "It's time for UFC to call JJ Abrams." Phone Post