It's too soon for Mc Corkle to fight Hunt.

RAYMERCERRULES - If Sean can't beat Mark Hunt, he doesn't even deserve to be in the UFC.

I can, I will, and I do.


 The real question is will they both be able to cut to 265?

Big Sean is a very successful guy with a big ego.
undefeated and hopefully motivated.

I really hope for his sake that Hunt doesn't really want to sacrifice enough to get in shape.

Just keep the undefeated streak going big fella.

Sean is still a question-mark to me, but the short clips I've seen here suggests he is really athletic for his huge size.

I'm rooting for the UG offspring ;)

War Greased up Walrus!

ruger007 - How is Mc Cork's ground game?

He will not win a fist fight with hunt.

That is all.

His ground game do NOT want him on top of you. When I rolled with him, I couldn't even close my guard against him (and I'm 6'2 with long legs). He's just too fucking massive. I don't think there's many fighters in the world that can submit him off their back. His ground and pound is extremely difficult to defend and his power even with short hammer punches is crazy powerful.


 McCorkel is big enough and athletic enough, of that there is no doubt.  He is also huge which in itself will make him hard to deal with in the division.  The only real concern is experience and first time Octagon Jitters in the big show.  Hunt has been there, he has performed in big shows against big opponents.  McCorkels record is undefeated.  Are there questions there?  Yeah, but so far he has beat everyone to step up and it hasnt been for his lack of trying to fight better fighters, the SHW division just doesnt have that much talent.  He's done the best he could with what he's had to work with. 

My prediction:  Hunts been on a skid and hasnt fought in quite a while.  Seans first time in the big show kind of equals that out in my opinion.  That leaves only their skill set to debate.  Hunt has experience, but while he is big McCorkel is taller and will have reach.  I dont believe Sean should stand and trade with Hunt.  I think takedowns and GNP will be McCorkels key to success in his UFC Debut.

Good Luck Sean!

Just dont pull a Carwin pounding on Hunts iron skull. Pace yourself big boy.

I hope this one ends fast. These are not endurance athletes.

^^ haha, well said...

Rocking someone doesn't automatically mean you win.

Sean will tower far above Mark Hunt and has a good chance of winning. (unless we see a "new Mark Hunt", the UFC's way to promote "old" fighters)

If Sean wins, he'll have a great win on his record, and may start a decent career with the ufc. If Hunt wins, the ufc will have a great comeback-story and will start to promote the "new" Hunt.

 the thing with hunt is that he doesnt have to take it seriously, he doesnt have to train and he doesnt have to be in shape...hes samoan...its natural fighting ability

 fight makes perfect sense, good match making on both sides...

gotta go with my indiana boy.