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Profile: Ivan Menjivar
Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe
Posted On 09/21/2004

Montreal, Quebec -- Coming off a second round TKO win in Montreal Labor Day weekend over American Ryan Ackerman in an exciting main event fight that showcased his diverse skills, Ivan Menjivar brings a bit of everything to the fight, including a whole lot of action. Menjivar was born in El Salvador where he spent his early childhood before his family moved to Montreal at 11. He took up BJJ and boxing in his mid-teens and MMA seemed like the next logical step. Taking his first professional fight in 2001, Menjivar is always looking forward to do the best he can in MMA. A ring and cage veteran of UCC/TKO, SuperBrawl, AFC, UFC and APEX to name some, Menjivar likes both and will adapt to either one. The 22-year-old is feeling blessed to do so well at what he loves… fighting MMA.

JC: What is your martial arts background? IM: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and Wrestling.

JC: What is your BJJ rank? IM: I’m officially blue. My training is now mostly No-Gi and MMA oriented though.

JC: When did you start training in MMA? IM: I had gotten into a few fights in High School. I then decided to try BJJ and boxing in my mid-teens which is a lot more fun.

JC: How did you become involved in MMA? IM: I started training BJJ with friends as a teenager and really liked it. I started training hard and MMA seemed like the next logical step.

JC: Where do you train? IM: I train at Tristar Gym, but I also train at another club for my conditioning and train wrestling with the Montreal Wrestling team, Silberman.

JC: What is the name of your fight team? IM: I train at Tristar Gym, but I’m also part of Team Domination (clothing sponsor).

JC: When and where was your first MMA fight? IM: I had some amateur MMA fights in Québec, but my first Pro MMA fight was in UCC 3 against David Guigui. He’s now a teammate of mine.

JC: How did it go? IM: I won by submission.

JC: You’ve fought at 145, 155 (and I think 170 -- against St. Pierre). What is your preference in fighting weight? IM: Definitely 145 lbs. When I started, I fought at 170 although I was a lot lighter than most opponents at that weight. I then decided to drop in weight to 145-155. I’ve fought tough competition at all weight levels, but 145 lbs is my optimum weight. My last fight against Ackerman was at 145 lbs.

JC: What is your MMA record? IM: 14-3-1 or 14-4 depending on how you consider my fight against Georges (St-Pierre) at 170lbs. When I fought St-Pierre, the ref stopped the fight because he misunderstood me (Spanish is my first language). Neither of us considered that fight/stoppage as conclusive, but we are both great friends and training partners now, so I really don’t linger on it.

JC: What promotions have you fought in? IM: UCC/TKO, SuperBrawl, Maximum Fighting Championships (MFC), WFF, AFC, UGC, UFC, APEX. I hope to add many more to that list.

JC: Do you train for an opponent or to fight? IM: To fight.

JC: What is your fighting style? IM: A bit of everything and a whole lot of action!

JC: What has been your most memorable fight? IM: I have a special memory of all my fights. They’re all worth remembering regardless of result.

JC: What has been a high for you in MMA? IM: Winning, fans and simply fighting.

JC: Why is that? IM: I feel blessed to do so well and enjoy myself in this sport. I’m doing what I love.

JC: What has been a low for you in MMA? IM: Nothing particular. I don’t let things get me down and I’m always looking forward.

JC: When was the point that you knew this was for you? IM: It’s hard to say. You just know. You have it in you. It’s that rush, that pleasure you get out of doing what you like.

JC: How far would you like to go in MMA? IM: I want to last as long in this sport as possible and do the best I can. If I can match Randy Couture’s longevity in this sport, I’ll be happy.

JC: Preference ring or cage? IM: I like both. I’ll adapt to either one.

JC: You’re coming off a win last weekend over Ryan Ackerman in front of your hometown fans, and you won a fan in me. What is your reaction to the fan support you received? IM: Thanks a lot Joseph! I was truly touched by the fans reaction. I love fighting in front of my hometown crowd and putting on a show for my friends, family and fans. It’s a rush and I can’t wait to hop back into the Ring. I could fight today.

JC: As we discussed post fight, you used every technique in the fight. This is only the second of your fights that I have seen. Is this Ivan Menjivar’s ring and cage style? IM: Yes, I’ll go with what works but if I can mix it up, I’m happy. If it goes to the ground, I’m ready. If it stays standing, I’m also ready. MMA is an entertainment sport and I love entertaining the fans. I also want to make sure I have fun during the fight so I’ll go for different things that add a little thrill to the fight.

JC: What is next for you? IM: I’m open to anything. Right now, I should be fighting in a local promotion in Montreal in a month or so as well as at the next APEX show. We’ve also received other offers. Japan would also be a dream come true. I’m ready for anything.

JC: As an exciting smaller fighter, are there options for you in Shooto? IM: I hope so. I want to show the Japanese fans what I have. Any promoters can contact my managers (Aristeia Management).

JC: Are you employed outside of MMA? IM: Yes, I work for Groupe Banco in Québec. They own stores across Montreal. I hope to someday fight more regularly and make a living off MMA, but for now I’m just enjoying myself. My employers have been great to me and my fight career.

JC: What do you enjoy doing outside MMA? IM: Relaxing with friends and family and listening to music.

JC: What is one thing about you that would have people saying 'hmmm... I didn’t know that about Ivan Menjivar?' IM: Not particularly. I don’t hide anything from anybody! LOL!

JC: Is there anything you’d like to say? IM: Thanks to my team at Tristar, my friends, family and sponsors. Special thanks to Groupe Banco Stores (www.groupebanco.com), xww.quebec-latino.com & Domination. Special thanks to managers Scott and Nathan (Aristeia). For any opportunities, they can be contacted at info@aristeiafighters.com. Thanks to everyone for their support! Thank you for this interview.

For more information on the Pride of El Salvador, please visit http://www.IvanMenjivar.com.

Thank you ADCC News and Joseph Cunliffe. Great interview!!

Thank you ADCC News and Joseph Cunliffe. Great interview!!


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Ivan Menjivar Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe

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