I've finally reached the pinnacle of my UG posting career, as new as it may be. 

I've reached for the stars and with due diligence I have finally made it.  Day in

and day out, whether healthy or sick, whether at home or work I've been posting

until I've reached my goal. 

I've finally reached 1,000 posts.

And in honor of SteveW and all other UG internets keyboard legends, I think I'm gonna

have to leave on a high note.  All legends like to leave on top, so will I.

Fuck the UG

Droppin Loads On Your Face Son - see you at the OG

 Fucking finally.......I thought nobody cared. 

I'd say my post counts for UG and OG are about 50/50 

 Ahhhhhh... I remember when I hit 1000

 Warm congratulations! Now go make a kid or something :-)

Kirik -  Warm congratulations! Now go make a kid or something :-)

 please change my signature bro      semtex_girlfriend