J. JOSLIN in Grapplers Quest 4 Man

On Feb 21st Jeff Joslin makes his return to submission wrestling in New Jersey in Brian Cimmins' Grapplers Quest event! He is in a 4 Man invitational tournament which is gonna feature some fighters that are gonna shock everyone!!!! Just wait and see!!!


ttt for Jeff !

HOLY SHIT!!! Lets go Double J!!!



J. Joslin.

Good Luck to Jeff!


Tear shit up Jeff!

Beast of the East tourney?

i'm trying to get Rob Kahn to enter that tourney.

TTT for Double J!

Here's a quick prediction:

Jeff Joslin, every match, 1st round, via TOTAL FUCKING DOMINATION!

Kick some ass!

Scott Morris Rules,

Each match is only one round. Thanks for the support but get in the gym and train brother instead of spending so much time on this board bro :).

Jeff Joslin

SMR's too busy getting beat up at Gay bars!!!!

good luck bro you the man.

will jeff joslin and his team come to fight in Quebec Sherbrooke against team union and motrealers grapplers and judo guys from sherbrooke, gatineau and chicoutimi?

junior.... i am sure he would if you brought a judge from Victoriaville :)

lol at crazyhook!!!! Nice!!!!

Good luck Jeff! Represent for us canucks!

Man, everyone likes to bust my shit!

Still, good luck Jeff!