J-Lau training for Finale (pic)



Good luck in the finale Joe.


"Yo, I'm not on your team MAN!!"

(Reference to the Dave Chappelle Prince playing basketball Skit)

TTT for J-Lau!

LMAO @ that gif....that sh*t is priceless


TTT 4 The Q.I.K.

That gif is cracking me up.

LMAO @ straight up cookie dough.



I used to not like Joe as a fighter because he is skinny and twerpy looking.

But he is a funny dude, and a badass. I will root for that twerp from now on.

ttt for J-Lau

ttt for evil joe

Joe "Gargoyle" Lauzon.

Joe kicks ass

dat gif is bo$$

That gif is funny.  He had that look of concern on his face like "Did that just happen?  Nahhhh!"

Seriously, though, Joe is a good technical fighter that actually listens to his corner.  I see nothing but potential for him in the future.  He made some AMAZING reversals against Manny during that fight. 



That's Melendez grabbing Joe's ass in that gif.

This thread is great- I laughed my ass off at both of those.